Join us!

Have so much fun teaching english to the new generations and do something great for yourself and the world where we live, help us to give this kids a better future and education as they can not pay expensive private schools but they have same right to education as others independent of their families economic situation.

We are currently building a house to host our volunteers shortly, but you can join us anyway if you are loacted at Kampot area

Teachers needed!


Help us to mantain the project and improve it with new facilities and didactic material, we are trying to build a libray and a computer room, if you have books or any old computer to donate us it will be so helpfull, if you can help us with some money to keep on building the volunteers accomodations it would be so awesome, we want to do many activities with the kids but budget is always an issue .You can send money to our ABA account in any ABA bank in Cambodia

ongoing projects

We are currently working in some other projects that you can join as well, like a new garden where we will plant vegetables to learn together how to do it, of course, in english! We want tlo start with computer lessons for those m,ore advanced students, that will have a initial contact with internet, computers and how to healthy use them.

Speak english with us

You are invited to come over here and take a look of our school, and have a interesting day joining our class or just talking to our students!, they will gently provide you information about the area and interesting places to do or visit. You can join any of our many activities like open cinema evening, or theater rehearsals.