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Love is hard to find, which is why once you find that special someone, they’re worth holding onto. Of course, with time relationships that were once fun, flirty, and happy, can become somewhat dull and drab. It’s normal for the relationship you have with your long-term partner or spouse to change over time. But the two of you still need to be happy with one another and, most importantly, in love.

You know those cute, old couples you see walking hand in hand while chatting away happily to one another? Well, if you want a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship, they should be your inspiration. The generation that our grandparents are from, are the generation that have only ever been with one person. That’s the person that they married. I love that concept – one person for the rest of your life.

The question is, how can you achieve that goal of making your relationship go the distance? I’ve been chatting to some older couples and have got the answers…

Never go to bed while arguing 

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The thing that cropped up again and again while I was chatting with a few older couples I know, was to never go to bed without sorting out an argument. The reason for this is so simple; it’s brilliant. The thing is, if you go to bed angry at one another, you’ll wake up angry at each other. And the chances are, the more you dwell on the argument, the more angry and stubborn about it you both will become. This can lead to one silly argument going on for days. So always make up before bed – you’ll feel better for it, and your relationship will be stronger for it.

Be spontaneous  

Camping night couple cook by campfire backpack in romantic countryside

One of the best things for keeping the spark alive is spontaneity – ask any older couple. Take random trips to places you’ve always wanted to see and explore. Go for dinner whenever you fancy it. Drive until you find somewhere new to see and explore. Treat each other to cute gifts now and then.

One couple mentioned how one time they went to look at diamond eternity rings, despite having only been married for a few years. They loved the idea that they could dream about their future together by browsing for things to give each other on their anniversary in 30 years time. Another couple spoke about the time that they spontaneously packed up their car with their camping gear and drove to the middle of nowhere. They spent a wonderfully romantic night sleeping under the stars. Be spontaneous and you can keep your relationship fresh, even after being married for goodness knows how long.

It’s the little things that matter

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It’s not always about big gestures – they might be nice, but they’re not always needed. The truth is, it’s the little things that matter. Always treat your partner with respect. Be kind to them, no matter what mood they’re in. Hold hands, anywhere and everywhere. Be intimate with each other. Make your partner their favourite dinner. When they’re unwell, take care of them. Happy relationships are the ones where both partners mutually respect the other and would do anything for them. One couple told me about the time that they had an argument while waiting for a bus in the rain. He held the umbrella over her head to stop her getting wet, despite the fact that they’d just had a terrible argument. That is true love.

If you want to make your relationship go the distance, you need to listen to the lovers from yesteryear.

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