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With the new year coming around, there may be many resolutions that we are thinking about. We might want to get fit, run our first 5k race or save money. It might be a travel goal we have or something more family orientated. For many of us, we chose goals and resolutions around losing weight. It seems like many of us aren’t happy with our weight, especially after an indulgent Christmas period. It can be easy to lose weight when you just count calories or only eat cabbage soup for weeks on end. But it is tricky to make that type of weight loss stay off. There issues to keep weight off goes deeper. So let me explore those with you and how you can deal with them. Then when you make a goal to lose weight for the last time.

Consider Life Coaching

If you have struggled for years with your weight and self-esteem, then life coaching could be for you. If you eat emotionally that it could help you to deal with that aspect of your life. If you struggle with confidence and feel that you are no good, then, of course, it could lead to more eating that necessary. So dealing with any of those kinds of issues can help you to realise why you overeat and will help you to overcome it. So certainly something to think about.

Choose Satisfied Over-Stuffed

Do you need to feel ‘full’ every time you eat a meal? For a while, you might have felt like you have to. But that feeling isn’t good for you as it means you are more than likely eating more than you should. It can wreak havoc on your digestion too. So it is a good idea to put down your utensils from time to time. Take a second and consider if you feel satisfied or not. You don’t have to have that full feeling each time that you eat.

Have Distractions

If you are someone that eats when they get stressed or when they get emotional, then have a distraction strategy in place. Then if you are in a place where you would normally reach for the chocolate bars, you could do something else instead. It could be that you read a book, have a bath or go and do some boxing at the gym. Just anything to keep you distracted from eating unnecessarily.

Create a More Active Lifestyle
I am not talking about spending hours and hours at the gym, in order to be active. But making small changes in your life will help you to have an overall more active lifestyle. Do you get public transport to work? Could you walk or get off one stop earlier instead? Could you go for a walk each evening and listen to music, rather than sitting down with Netflix? How about doing squats while the water is boiling or getting a pedometer to measure your step count? Just little things to have an overall more active life will benefit you massively.

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