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Blogging events are a fantastic way to network and meet new friends. Whenever people with the same passion come together it’s always incredible; you’re able to offer and receive advice, inspire and be inspired. Blogger events are very popular, but they’re often held in major cities, meaning if you live a little further out they can be difficult to attend. So why not host your own? There are bound to be plenty of local bloggers who have just been dying for the opportunity to attend something nearby. Here’s how you can go about it.

Put Together The Guest List

Your first step would be to take to social media and find out how many people would be interested in attending. If you get a lot of interest, you may need to create a cut-off point and add people to a reserve list in case of any cancellations. However, if it’s your first event and you’re hosting in an area that’s not a major city, this isn’t likely to happen unless you have a huge network.

Decide on a Ticket Price

The ticket cost will pay for the venue and any added extras. You should keep the ticket prices affordable for the best turnout, so work out a rough budget based on how many are attending. Don’t forget about extras, for example food, drinks and activities. You could also add fun extras, for example sending out tickets for people to hand in for entry. Companies like Alpha Card offer this; you could have all of the information and venue location printed up, but compacted down to one handbag sized piece of media. Alternatively, you could have a guest list at the door, and do it that way instead.

Decide on a Venue

Once you have your budget you can look into the venue you want to hire. Research your local area for suitable places, and make some inquiries about prices. Some places even offer free venue hire, so if you’re working with a much smaller budget, it may still be possible. If your fund cover it, you could arrange catering of food and drinks to be provided. If not you could set this up yourself.

See If Any Brands Want To Get Involved

Brands are often keen to get involved in blogger events as it can mean lots of reviews and social media coverage for them. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get a couple of brands to showcase and demonstrate their products, or offer a giveaway. You could even enquire with smaller, independent sellers who live locally and see if they would like to show their products. Handing out a goodie bag is a fantastic way to finish the night, and you can send everyone home with some exciting things that they’re sure to love. You could send a polite email around to some different brands, as well as any PR companies you currently work with. Don’t forget to ask bloggers to review products they enjoyed, and share across their social media!

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