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I might work from home – something I love doing, but I have previously spent time working in an office. While I did enjoy the busyness of office life, one area that I struggled with was getting my workwear style spot on. Like most fashion-loving gals, the idea of wearing a plain outfit just wasn’t appealing to me. I knew from the start that I wanted my workwear to be both professional and stylish, the problem was, I didn’t know how to go about it.

Luckily for me, I bumped into a style blogger at a local blogging workshop. After I remarked on how much I liked her outfit, she was kind enough to share with me all her tips for office wear success. As it’s Monday today, I thought that the ideal way to kick off this week’s posts would be with a few tips for getting your workwear spot on. So I thought I would share everything that I learnt from my style blogger friend about mastering the art of dressing for work. Happy Monday!

Black and white doesn’t have to be boring

pin striped


Yes, black and white outfits can be dull, but they don’t have to be. Instead of plain black trousers, opt for pinstriped ones. Pinstripes not only add a little extra style to your look but also make your body look longer and slimmer. The same goes for a pinstriped skirt. If pinstripes aren’t your thing, mix your look up with tailored trousers decorated with another pattern. When it comes to livening black and white up, pattern is your best friend. Stripes, polka dots, checks, it doesn’t matter, just as long as the design’s not too busy.

My style blogger friend mentioned that another way you can mix up black and white is by opting to wear a dress to work. The great thing about dresses is that they come in so many different cuts and styles. This means that whatever your body shape and tastes, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. Obviously, it also needs to be work appropriate, but as long as it’s not too short or too long, most styles work well for wearing to the office. To add a little colour to your look, pop a pastel blazer over your dress.

A statement coat is a must

camel coat


One of the best ways to liven up your workwear is with a stylish, statement coat. For any workwear wardrobe, a chic coat is a staple. What’s important when it comes to picking a coat for work is that you opt for a style that is smart and warm. As well as a design that works in harmony with your work wear.

While you want your coat to make a statement, this doesn’t mean it has to be bright or bold. It just needs to be a style that’s eye-catching. For a coat that’s got a little colour to it but isn’t too bright, opt for a pastel-hued design in dusty blue or powder pink. Personally, when it comes to choosing a winter coat, I tend to opt for neutral colours. At the moment, my favourites are tailored styles from stores like Zara, in camel and grey.

Impressive accessories can transform your look

bag 23


When it comes to making your workwear look as stylish as possible, the right accessories are crucial. A few well-selected pieces can help you to dress up your basic office wear, adding style. For me, the most important accessories come in the form of jewellery. A beautiful pair of earrings, a Precision Time watch, or an elegant bracelet can make a big impact on your look. However, while jewellery is an essential workwear accessory, it’s important to be choosy about the pieces that you wear.

The right pair of shoes, a stylish bag and a scarf that adds a little colour, are also essential accessories for your work wardrobe. For work, it’s easy to think that basic flats are the only suitable shoe, but that’s not the case. As long as it’s not too high or too bright, almost any shoe can work.

Take this advice on board, and you can master workwear. So that you leave the house for work, feeling happy and confident about your look.

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